Cells at Work is one of the best animes to grace us in the last few years. Nobody could have been able to predict that a show which revolves around the medical details of the human body would work. Not only did it work, but it also was successful in enjoying massive popularity. In the two years for which the manga issue has been regular, the team has held a loyal fanbase.

Sadly, for the fans of the original manga series, the latest concerns about a full-fledged halt. Ever since the inception of this series, the manga has famously become a staple in the anime scene. However, there were major tensions among critics if a comedic, informative tone was the way to go for this medical anime. All those doubts have been put aside by the series already.

Cells At Work Media

[White Blood Cells and Red Blood Cells scrambling to solve problems in the human body.]

Theme of the show going into the twilight of the current batch:-

Akane Shimizu, the writer and the illustrator behind the manga phenomenon is wrapping up the manga series. However, like the rest of the show, it’s going to be very exciting and highly informative. Additionally, the show is going topical by talking extensively about COVID-19. While the world struggles to put the virus to bed, Cells at Work will be depicting what the virus does to our body.

Schedule for the final run of “Cells at Work” manga:-

Season Two of the anime adaptation will be coming to us very soon. Also, a spin-off known as “Code Black” is deep in the developmental stages. But sadly, the source manga itself is coming to an end. The ultimate issue of the manga will be hitting the shelves in the latter weeks of January 2021. It’s poetically perfect that they’ll be going in the current stage of the global pandemic. The world is finally looking likely to win over the disease and that knowledge will be on display.

Fans of the show will bid adieu to the manga edition, but the show is still going strong. Regardless of the manga, the anime adaptation is likely to continue building up its global popularity.

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