Central Park Season One: A Big Success

The first season of the American sitcom “Central Park” was released in May 2020. The story of this animated musical revolves around a family of four who lives in Central Park NY. The first season was greatly loved by its audience due to its ingenuity and the second season is already in production.


The Central Park finale.

The final episode starts with Owen getting the information that a snakehead was probably living in the Harlem Meer. This horrifies him as the predator could cause a lot of trouble. Meanwhile, the Mayor of the city hires a likability professional “Ashley” to change the unlikeable image of Bitsy.

The story of the snakehead gets viral in media and Bitsy decides to use the opportunity to her advantage. She hires a fishing expert called “Dick Flake”. Bitsy’s likability depended on whether or not Dick catches the snakehead. Somehow, he accomplishes his task, and Bitsy’s image improves. Later Molly comes to know that he cheated!!!

Tillerman Hunter family
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Bitsy tries to ruin the image of Central Park once again which lowers Owen’s spirits to rock bottom. Soon his family comes to encourage him and they all go out at night where Owen catches the real fish.

Paige publishes this story which destroys Bitsy’s image once more. The infuriated and humiliated Bitsy vows, that she will not give up and will definitely destroy Central Park. The Tillerman-Hunter family realizes that no matter what happens, they can face it all together. The season ends with the beautiful song “Die trying” which left the viewers in tears.

Bitsy and Helen
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What’s new?

The series breaks the myth that animation shows are not for adults. Also, each episode comprises of an average of 4 songs sung by the busker “Birdie”. The songs are pretty fun and allow the story to move forward smoothly.

All the characters are true to their personalities. Owen is a dedicated Manager, Paige is a lovable mother, Molly lives in her old world and Cole is Cole. Helen’s jealousy with Shampaign adds in more background story. Whereas Bitsy is one dedicated villain and the sole reason for this entire drama.

The voice actress of Molly,“Kristen Bell” will no longer be a part of the show. It is believed that she was replaced for being a white woman while voicing a mixed-race girl.

skating still frame
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in conclusion, Central Park is an extremely entertaining show which the audience loved. The Rotten Tomatoes score for the show is 92%. If you haven’t watched the series yet, it is highly recommended.






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