Chainsaw Man #76: Makima and Gun Devil’s Major Fight Is About To Start!

With the terrifying ling list of victims, in the  Chainsaw Man #75, the Gun Devil debuted amid pages of carnage. The chapter also revealed the details of the deals with Gun Devil to kill Makima U.S. President offering up one year off the lifespan of every american.
Public Safett Devil Hunter, division 4, has also confirmed her identity as the Control Devil. The manga, Chainsaw man #76 shows that the devils are coming face to face.
Betrayal is the key of winning! Image: Google
Chainsaw Man, The man quickly shifts to the long-teaser Gun Devil arc when he follows the encounter with the Darkness Devil. Moving and passing away from the traumatic events Denji and Power.
By the Future devil Aski struggles with prophetic vision. In the upcoming event with unavoidable future elements, Aki and Power will be killed by Denji. One of the major lines “the Devil that Devils fear most shall appear.
Mind is the role play of your actions! Image: Google
The moment he entered the last attempt of saving his friends Aki seeks the help od Makima. The control Devil which was revealed after following her, demanding Aki and Angel to give all of themselves to her.
She is preparing for the upcoming fight of the Gun Devil, but then something else happens. The hailstorm of gunfire rains through Gun Devil’s path. Again the pages were filled with long lists of victims killed.
That’s it for Chainsaw Man #76. We will keep you updated about all the new information and story details here.
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