Chemical Hearts : The Bittersweet Ending Explained

Chemical Hearts‘ is an American romantic drama movie based on the novel ‘Our Chemical Hearts’ by Krystal Sutherland. The film is written, produced, and directed by Richard Tanne and got released on Amazon Prime Video. It stars Austin Abrams and Lili Reinhart in the lead roles. Read on to know the movie’s plot and its ending!

Chemical Hearts: Synopsis

‘Chemical Hearts’ is a journey of a boy and a girl who embark on a romantic journey yet have a bittersweet end. The leads Henry and Grace come together to work as editors for the high school magazine. They develop friendship, and Henry eventually falls in love with Grace.

Chemical Hearts: Ending Explained

Henry has never been in love before. He fantasizes about the idea of an ideal romantic love story, as portrayed in novels and movies. On the other hand, Grace is just coping up with the tragic loss of her boyfriend, Dom in an accident. In the past, she has experience of falling in love, being in love, and also the tragic ending which ‘love’ sometimes brings. She tries to move on with her life but often experiences difficulty in overcoming past trauma.


By the end of the movie ‘Chemical Hearts,’ both of them understand each other’s situation. Grace confesses to Henry that being with him is just a rebound for her. She does not want to be stuck in the past. Having Henry around her, helps her move on, live in the present moments, and enjoy life as it is. However, being in a new relationship won’t lessen the void that Dom’s dismissal has created in her heart.

Henry also realizes that he can not really force her to love him as much as she loves Dom, even after his death. Grace’s past love life has somehow still got a stronghold onto her mind and consciousness. She still wears his clothes just for the essence of his presence around her. As a result, they break up.

Post Break up Friendship between Grace and Henry

In the movie ‘Chemical Hearts’ one day, Grace misses the school. Henry panics and traces her down to the abandoned building where she had taken him a few months back. He sees her weeping in the pond, wearing a white dress which she could have worn at her wedding with Dom. Henry again realizes how much Grace misses Dom and the love she still has for him.

After that incident, Henry maintains a distance from Grace as he is traumatized by their breakup. For him, it was his first relationship, the first experience of falling in love; hence it is quite tough for him. However, their paths cross on the final day of the school, where Grace tells she would be taking a year drop to make herself better. She also puts something in Henry’s pocket.

Henry and Grace in Chemical Hearts
Source: Amazon Prime

What did Grace give Henry at their last meeting?

When Henry and Grace had met for the first time, they had discussions about a poem. After their breakup, Henry went to Dom’s grave and burnt that poem there. Grace managed to collect it and glue it back together. It was this poem that Grace slipped into his pocket as a souvenir for their relationship. It conveyed how much ever we try to erase a person from our lives; we can never really achieve it. Someone special’s moments always stays imprinted in our memory.

Though Henry and Grace had to break up and separate their paths in ‘Chemical Hearts,’ does not mean Henry should regret or forget being with her. All that should matter is they met for a purpose and had a beautiful time together. Not every love story has a happy ending in the practical world. The sad end to a love story does not signify that the journey two people shared was not lovely. It is more important to cherish the facts that Henry and Grace met. They touched each other’s lives and, as Henry’s sister said, will always be a part of each other.

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