Chrisley knows best | Todd Chrisley gets an insulting request from Nanny Faye

Todd Chrisley is thinking that mom Nanny Faye might be getting a little too used to a life of luxury! In a brand new season premiere of Chrisley Knows Best, the Chrisley matriarch has a request for her son that he finds “somewhat insulting,” but anyone who knows Faye well is aware that she won’t be backing down easily.


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Todd knows that something is afoot when his mother calls for him while holding a folder, joking that Nanny Faye is looking for him is an occasion to get nervous. This time it is no different, as Faye opens the folder to reveal the title and registration to the car that Todd bought for her just a few years ago, as well as a picture of a brand new car.

Here’s what Nanny Faye requested from Todd Chrisley in Chrisley Knows Best.

“This is the car that I want,” she tells a shocked Todd, who responds, “You’re not getting another car! Your car was just serviced, and they said it’s in perfect condition!” Nanny explains that because every other member of the family has a brand new car, she doesn’t see why she shouldn’t have one too. Todd tells his mom that she should be grateful that he gave her a brand new car, who fires back, that it was new when Todd gave it to her, but it’s not new anymore.

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Speaking with Julie Chrisley (his wife) later, Todd explained his hesitance, “My mother’s car is only a few years old, and here she is hitting me up for a brand new car again. I mean, it’s somewhat insulting.” While Julie insists that Faye is his mother, Todd said it’s the attitude his mother has taken with the car she currently has that gives him pause at buying her a new one. “I wouldn’t mind buying my mother a new car if she had taken care of the one I had already given her,” he tells the camera. “But she drives that like she’s in the demolition derby!”

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