Christian Bale as Villian! what you should know and possible prediction.

After portraying as Batman in ‘The Dark Knight’, Christian Bale will play a role as a villain in the next marvel’s God of Thunder’s movie: ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’. According to ‘The Illuminerdi’, he will play role of “intergalactic villain” ranging from Beta Ray Bill to Dario Agger altho it hasn’t been confirmed which entity he will be playing as.

The movie is being directed by Taika Waititi who previously worked in Thor: Ragnarok. Jason Aaron Thor’s writer suggested that bale should play a role as Dario Agger, who is the CEO of an oil company who can transform into Minotaur. But rumors are Bale will play as a bad guy but not Dario.

Other roles that are possible for Bale in Thor 4 are Gorr the God Butcher who is a gorilla with human-level intelligence and having immunity to fire. And appeared in Thor: God of thunder in 2013 issue.

Bale’s body transformation shows that the role Bale is going fore is for sure not who stays as a human possibly a transformation. So a character like alien or non-humanoid in Love and thunder can be allowed without much of an issue.

But the fans have to wait until November 2021, for the movie to be released, by which we will have concrete information about the role of Christian.

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