Christian Bale for the role of Darrio Agger

On conversing with Marvel Studios, we got to know that Christian Bale will have an antagonistic role in Thor: Love and Thunder, the role of Darrio agger.

Even though thousands of fans believed that the role chosen for the actor would be that of Beta Ray Bill, this will not be the character that the Hollywood star will play in the Taika Waititi film.

All thanks to the writer of the Thor comics, Jason Aaron, who revealed on his Twitter account the character that will give life to the actor.

According to some sources, we will see the role that Bale will have is that of Darrio Agger, the ambitious CEO of the Roxxon Corporation.

Who is Darrio Agger?

Darrio Agger was born in Greece to wealthy parents. He spent his childhood days on an island in the Aegean Sea. Some pirates killed his family when he was nine years old. Darrio somehow managed to escape and hid in a nearby cave and prayed for help.

When the pirates found him the next day, he became the Minotaur of Greek myths, before the statue of a bull. But this was not the end. He further decided to keep the pirates heads alive to torture them forever.

He has gained the best education with the money and riches his family left for him. As an adult, Dario gained wealth and became the CEO of Roxxon Energy Corp, the world’s wealthiest and most influential multi corporation.

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Powers of Darrio Agger:

Agger can have a quick shift between a human form and his Minotaur form. But he has not yet revealed if he can transform into other states.

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Strength level Of Darrio:

We can look at the strength of Thor as similar to the Hulk’s.


Blood lust:  He has an intense blood lust that makes it difficult for him to maintain his human form.




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