CJ Entertainment And Toei Animation Allied For More Content

The two popular Asian entertainment giants Toei Animation, and CJ Entertainment, are joining hands in order to increase the extent of their reach and create content that is enjoyed by people overseas.

Toei And CJ Alliance:

Just like an alliance between two Yonko’s can lead to the birth of the strongest pirate crew ever in the history of One Piece, the alliance between two entertainment havocs can open the door to GOAT content for fans. On October 8th, 2021, Toei Animation Co., Ltd’s President Katsuhiro Takagi¬†and CJ ENM Co., Ltd’s President: Kang Ho-sung announced that they have signed an agreement. Both companies have agreed to produce content for the global market jointly.

Toei Animation X CJ Entertainment
Toei Animation, CJ Entertainment Alliance
Image: Toei Animation

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This alliance aims to create global content and to promote the business, which will ultimately strengthen them. They plan to mutually utilize the abundant resources of both of the companies. Firstly Toei Animation and CJ ENM plan to invest in New Works, Animation, and Live-Action for the hit projects belonging to these companies. Therefore, together they will maximize their output, i.e., the content production in all these three lines. New Projects are scheduled for 2023. For this collaboration to work out, Toei is discussing with JK FILM, a subsidiary of CJ ENM, and their overseas partner Skydance.

Future Scope Of This Alliance:

Through this business alliance, Toei Animation and CJ want to create and develop opportunities globally. They plan to create content not only limited to movies, dramas but to other media also. Therefore strengthening them and developing businesses in a variety of genres. This collaboration will undoubtedly increase the brand value and content power of the two production giants. It will connect all generations with the power of content in this era of rapid change.

About CJ Entertainment:

CJ Entertainment is a production and distribution company owned by CJ ENM. Its origin is from South Korea. It specializes in the production of movies, dramas, animation, and music. However, CJ Entertainment also distributes the content worldwide. Some of the well-known works of CJ Entertainment are Parasite, Voice, Vincentio, etc. CJ’s capability of producing high-end content is recognized all over the world. (Website)

About Toei Animation:

Well known for its work in franchises like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Sailor Moon, and etc. Toei Animation is the largest anime-producing company Japan has to offer. It has a total of 255 movies released in theaters, 228 TV projects, and about 13100+ episodes. Therefore, Toei Animation is, without a doubt, one of the best production studios globally. (Website)

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