The first and the second season of Cobra Kai are now available to stream on the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, so all of the attention now turns to the third season of the series, which is due out on Netflix globally in early 2021.

We were keeping track of everything that you need to know about Cobra Kai Season 3, including what to expect, casting details, and much more. It is an American Martia-Arts drama that is created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald.

This series is a continuation of The Karate Kid films and takes place after 34 years of the events of The Karate Kid. A dead beat father, who is fired from his job and is also a heavy drinker, it is sure that life has not been kind to Johnny Lawrence the past 30 years.


Cobra Kai
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Johnny reopens the Cobra Kai Karate dojo upon rescuing an asthmatic kid from a gang of bullies and becomes the new sensei to the outsiders and children that are bullied. When Daniel LaRusso, a long-time rival of Johnny, discovers that the Cobra Kai has reopened, the feud between them reignites.

Cobra Kai: All About Season 3 Netflix Release, Plot Details And More!

The third season of the series is officially coming to Netflix on January 8, 2021, as announced on October 2, 2020. Initially, the expectation of the release of the third season of the series was by the end of summer, after the co-creator of the series Jon Hurwitz was asked the question in a Q&A on Twitter.

However, this date was then moved back further by the streaming giant when it released a brand new trailer for the first and second season of the series, with the end of the video confirming that the third season of the series would not be released until the year 2021.

This was a contentious issue given that the filming of the show has been wrapped for a number of months, and the fans of the series were fully expecting a third season release in the year 2020.

Cobra Kai
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The third season of the series is expected not to start directly after the events of the second season, rather than quite a bit afterward, with William Zabka saying that the series picks up quite a significant amount of time after.

Also, we already have a confirmation that the third season of the series will be having a total of ten episodes.