Cobra Kai Season 1: The Story Of Karate Kid Continues

Cobra Kai that came out in 2018, is a YouTube original Red show. Now, why does this name seems familiar? The KARATE KID! Right. Cobra Kai is the continuation of the original karate kid movie series that aired during the 80s. Well, Miagi is surely not around, but we see some familiar faces in the mix. When I found out about the show, I was a bit skeptical, but it turns out that it is as good if not better than the original.

Let’s see what the plot and ending of the first season did well to capture the original’s magic. Check out this YouTube trailer also before reading the review.


Cobra Kai Season 1 Review:

The story continues precisely 34 years after the end of the original. Last what we saw was 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, where Daniel LeRusso defeated Johnny Lawrence. Johnny has been living a shallow end life where Daniel is having a ball since then. What we see Johnny start Cobra Kai again after taking a young kid Diaz under his wing. Thus begins the rivalry of LeRusso and Lawrence once again.

Johnny Lawrence and Danel LeRusso Face-Off in “Cobra Kai”
Courtesy: YouTube Originals

Ten episodes of the first season were not restricted to one genre. It was filled with comedy, action, and drama. The new show shows us a new perspective on Johnny’s character. At the same time, Daniel seems like an antagonist this time around due to its modern luxury filled facade.

Other characters like Robby Keene‘s character and Daiz and Hawk have their different plot lines that take away that remake vibe. However, Keene’s style doesn’t stick the landing quite well. Still, Cobra Kai, as the first of the YouTube Originals, is the right choice. It was filled with comedy and equally placed drama. It is quite fun to watch. It’s streaming on YouTube Red Originals. You can go ahead and watch it. I assure you it’s worth all the buzz.

Still from season 1 of Cobra Kai

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