Coco Austin about her father’s COVID-19 journey and family situation

Coco Austin is really trying hard to stay strong, as her dad battles the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

On Wednesday, the 41-year old, Ice Loves Coco star, told Page Six that how she and her family is feeling that they are “falling apart”. This started after her father Steve was hospitalized in Arizona due to the coronavirus. As per her statement, her dad has pneumonia in both lungs, and a ventilator may be necessary.

Coco Austin with her Dad
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She also added, she wants him to “pull-through” but she knows that it’s “not looking good.”

Coco Austin was very emotional as she was saying, “I’ve been sending as much love as I can, but there’s only so much I can do from a distance. I want to be in the room with him right now and hold his hands. This is just to let him know that his family loves him, so he has to push through. Also because it is too early for him to go.”

According to what Austin believes, her father is “at the point where he can’t even talk,” and he has also become “so frustrated that he’s in this position that he doesn’t want to get on the phone.” With that, the actress also added that two of her aunts also contracted the coronavirus.

What was Coco Austin’s statement? 

Coco Austin says, “It’s like, ‘Oh my God, like, my family is falling apart,’ We are thinking we came to Arizona to get away from the craziness in New York and New Jersey, and I feel like we now are swallowing it up in the spike that is just happening here.”

When did her father saw the symptoms?

Further explaining the case, she said that her dad began experiencing these symptoms on Father’s Day. At first, he was feeling lethargic and noticeably less energetic. Following that, he had trouble breathing and felt a pins-and-needles sensation. But, the problem was, he did not seek treatment until after nine days of the symptoms.

The actress also shares an adorable picture of her 4-year-old daughter Chanel with husband Ice T, saying that she wants fans to learn from her situation and also “know that I did not really feel like my family can be touched.” In that post, she also laid emphasis on the importance of wearing a mask.

What Coco Austin said was, “To know that the most healthy person in the family is about to go on a ventilator, is really hard. I am generally the next of kin. I have this really big family. So, it is really hard to make a decision when I can hardly talk about it.”

Also, on Tuesday, Coco Austin shared some family photos of herself with Steve on her Instagram, calling her father “tough as an ox” and to that she did not forget to add that the diagnosis came as a surprise because he “never EVER gets sick.”

What was the husband’s statement about the father of Coco Austin?

Later, on Thursday, Ice T shared an update on his father-in-law’s health by writing on Twitter, “Steve is trying his best to avoid going on the ventilator.” This was when he was on his third day on the ventilator.

Stay safe and keep reading for more updates.

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