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Colton Underwood Wants Cassie Randolph Back! Can’t Accept She’s Moved On!!

Colton Underwood (28 years) is deeply devastated and shook with everything that has happened until now with his breakup from Cassie Randolph (25 years). The couple split up midway into April of 2020. It seemed that the couple had ended their year-long relationship on amicable terms but, things took an ugly turn after Cassie was granted a temporary restraining order against Colton. She accused the tight end footballer of stalking her.

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Odd and out of Character

The ones who are close to Colton say that

He isn’t ready to accept his separation from Cassie and would love nothing more than to get her back. He is gutted that all this is happening in front of the world. He dislikes the fact that things have gotten to the point where she has filed a restraining order against him as he would love to have a conversation to figure out the differences among them.

Colton found it extremely difficult to understand that Randolph seemed to have moved on from their relationship. Before the split, Underwood had quarantined along with Cassie inside her parent’s home in Huntington Beach, CA while recovering from the coronavirus. Now that they were no more together, quarantine had not been very good for him.

Colton Underwood with Cassie Randolph and sister Michelle(Source: Backgrid)

What “The Bachelor” cast-mates had to say?

The fans of the show highly doubted that the couple would last after Cassie left it early. The duo had seemingly started their connection on a shaky ground when Cassie was uncertain about engagement with Colton and him leaving everything behind to chase her anyway.

On the one hand, the breakup went down-hill real quick, while friends from the popular show “The Bachelor” were not shocked of what had happened between Cassie and Colton. Talks around the media were that “Colton was traumatized when Cassie ended things. Cassie had honestly just decided that she wasn’t into him and the relationship anymore and she ended things which shocked Colton to his core, and he’s had a tough time with the breakup and is wounded over it. He never imagined her to move on so quickly with her life and stop loving him like that.”


Images Colton shared via Instagram

The close ones to the formal football player were shocked to see him and were highly concerned over his behaviour because according to them “this isn’t like him at all.” 

Legal actions against Colton!!

In the new legal documents, Cassie claimed that Underwood had admitted to being the person who put a tracker underneath her car (photo proofs were also provided). She also laid charges against him of watching her apartment in LA, of visiting her parents’ house in Orange County (Colton lives in LA), and of using ”alias phone numbers to anonymous send harassing text messages at all hours of the day not only to her but her friends as well.” Colton has not responded to the allegations after the restraining orders filed against him on Sept. 11, and further hearing on the case is scheduled on Oct. 6.


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