CONFIRMED: Golgo 13 Manga is finally going to resume in July

Ever since 1968 Manga series Golgo 13 has been a fan favorite. In its 52 years of run, the manga, for the first time ever, went on a hiatus this May 2020. The manga was put on hold, keeping in mind the ongoing Covid19 situation. The makers made an announcement stating that it has been difficult for the crew to do their work amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Golgo 13 manga is the oldest publication, and its tankĊbon edition has the third-highest number of volumes. Shogakukan released the 196th volume of the manga on April 3, 2020, along with a ‘Pandemic Special‘ book having a collection of three chapters focusing on bioterrorism on May 1.

Here’s some happy news for the fans! The most recent issue of Big Comic magazine confirms that Golgo 13 will be returning soon! The hiatus is all set to end this July 2020.

The manga comprises of two live-action movies, an anime film, video animation, anime tv-series and six video games. Exciting, isn’t it?

So, brace yourselves to have a great time with favorite manga, Golgo 13. We will keep you updated about any new announcements and progress details of the same.

Till then, stay tuned and stay safe!

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