Cowboy Bebop Of Netflix Will Be Resuming Production This Week!

Cowboy Bebop can be considered as one of the most awaited projects of the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, and now it seems work is getting back underway on the show. It was announced a while ago that the streaming giant would help produce a live-action adaptation of the super hit anime.

After the filming of the project began, the fans of the anime learned that an on-set injury forced the production of the project to halt, and then the coronavirus pandemic pushed the series back once more. But all thanks to the new report that suggests that the project will be returning to the sets shortly.

Cowboy Bebop
Image Source – The Verge

The update of the returning of the project to the stages of production was shared by a source, and the trade says that the production will be resumed on September 30. It is the show which is one of the three which New Zealand granted border exemption for shooting.

The project is joined by Sweet Tooth and the Lord of The Rings in the island nation. This update is a good one as the fans are very eager to see the adaptation. Despite the reputation of Hollywood with anime, Netflix pulled together a crack team for the project.

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Will Be Resuming Production

John Cho will be leading the series as Spike Spiegel, but the actor was forced to take a break from the sets after he got injured while filming on the set. John’s hiatus took the television show offline for about seven to nine months after shooting only a few episodes.

Now Cowboy Bebop is ready to make its return to the sets, and it will be doing so under the careful watch of New Zealand officials. The island nation has been globally praised for its impressive handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. New Zealand resumed film and television production in the month of May, after imposing a strict lockdown, as the federal government passed down the approval.

At the time of writing this article, we would like to inform you that there are zero cases of coronavirus in the country and the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic has been lifted entirely this week outside of Auckland.

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Cowboy Bebop
Image Source – The Verge

We will be updating you with the latest details of the project, keep visiting the website to do not miss out any detail.

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