Cowboy Bebop Reside Motion: When is it coming out? All Details Here!

Cowboy Bebop Reside Motion is the new Netflix’s live-action collection’s adaptation. Netflix is burgeoning its anime content and this fan-favorite television series is next on the list. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest installment.

Cowboy Bebop Reside Motion: Release Date

Cowboy Bebop is likely to land on Netflix in 2021. It is a live-action sci-fi collection in accordance with the manga. Hajime Yatate is the manga’s original creator. Alex Garcia Lopez will be the series director. He also directed Daredevil.

Cowboy Bebop Reside Motion
Source: Netflix

Thor Ragnorok creator Christopher L. Yost is also on board. The team is all set to make this series one of the anime series ever.

The manga premiered in September of 1997 in Per 30 days Asuka Delusion DX. It ran till June 1998. A 2d manga collection followed this and ran for an additional 3 volumes. It winded up in February 2000. This manga is one of the greatest of all time. Fans are very happy after as it is going to be back. Netflix is back to help the manga fulfill its legacy.


The anime is set in the year 2071. In the future, humans have colonized the red and rocky planets and their moons. Before fifty years from that, the earth became uninhabitable. A hyperspace gateway twisted humanity’s faith. Also, the crime was rapidly rising right through the sun device.

Following this, the Inter Sun Machine Police decided to legalize bounty hunters. These hunters are referred to as “Cowboys”. They chase and catch criminals running around the sun device and bring them to justice.

Cowboy Bebop Reside Motion
Source: Netflix

A spaceship Bebop group is chasing down these criminals. This group is no ordinary group, it has elite members in it. Spike Siegal, former hitman, and the Pink Dragon syndicate’s exiled member is the group’s leader. His spouse, a Jet Black a former ISSP officer joins him on all his missions.

Along with them, Faye Valentine, the amnesic con-artist, and Edward Wong, the eccentric hacking woman are also part of the team. Additionally, a genetically engineered Welsh Corgi with human-like intelligence, Ein is the team, last member.

What’s the anime’s latest production status?

The series’ manufacturing had already begun. It went into hiatus after the lead actor John Cho suffered injury onset. He had to go to Los Angeles for his treatment. Later, the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the entire schedule.

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Cowboy Bebop Reside Motion
Source: Netflix

The filming began in July 2020 in Auckland New Zealand and South Africa. Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet revealed an official release date. We are expecting the show to land in 2021 summer or fall. Given the pandemic, nothing can be said for certain as of now.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!



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