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Crawl: Did Haley Saved His Father Dave At The End?

Alligators with a category 5 hurricane, what can be more disastrous than this. Alexandre Aja’s Crawl is based on this incident. This disaster horror film stars Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper in lead roles. Crawl is a thrill ride and manages to excite and terrorize its viewers at the same time.

But the movie has something unexpected at the end. Continue reading this post to what is happens in the end. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Crawl Plot Summary Explained

After knowing that a category 5 hurricane is approaching towards Florida, Haley goes back to her old family home to look for her father. At the house in Coral Lake, which is flooding quickly, she finds her father, Dave, unconscious in the crawl space beneath the house. Soon the alligators, from the lake, block the exit.

But as the alligators were very large, they couldn’t make it to the basement. Even though Dave and Haley are safe in the basement, but as the hurricane intensifies and the house begins to flood. Haley injures her leg after attempting to get her phone.

Later Wayne, Haley’s sister ex-boyfriend, and a member at Florida Police Department, and his partner Pete arrive there in search of them. The alligators kill Pete while Wayne looks inside the house for the father-daughter. As soon as he finds them in the basement, the alligators kill him too.

The movie continues showing their efforts to make their way out of this flooded house.

Haley swims through the exit of the crawl space to save Dave from drowning.
Image: IMDb

Did They Make Their Way Out?

In an attempt to escape, Haley swims through the water to retrieve Wayne’s gun and shoots an alligator. Then she makes her way out and saves Dave by opening the floor above the basement. Just when they make way onto a boat with their dog, Sugar, they are again thrown apart by the hurricane.

Dave and Sugar managed to make their way up with the help of the stairs. In the kitchen, Haley tries to send a distress call to the authorities. Meanwhile, an alligator attacks Dave and rips his arm apart. After being attacked by another alligator, Haley managed to join Dave and Sugar on the roof.

In the closing scene, we see Haley lighting a flare to the rescue helicopter as Dave watches her.

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