Creepshow Season 2 Confirmed Cast: Marilyn Manson, Ted Raimi And Others!

Shudder has recently rounded out the cast of the second season of Creepshow, which is one of its horror anthology series. In this article, we are going to talk about the cast members that are confirmed to have their presence in Creepshow Season 2. The reader is requested to read the article till the end, so he/she does not miss out on any detail.

Marilyn Manson, who has previously worked in Sons of AnarchyAli Larter, previously seen in The RookieRyan Kwanten, previously worked in True BloodIman Benson, earlier seen in BlackAF’, Barbara Crampton, worked in Re-Animator, C. Thomas Howell, previously worked in Criminal MindsBreckin Meyer, earlier seen in Robot ChickenDenise Crosby, earlier worked in Star Trek: The Next GenerationKevin Dillon, previously seen in Entourage, Ted Raimi earlier seen in The Evil Dead, and Eric Edelstein, worked earlier in We Bare Bears, are all set for the sophomore run.

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Creepshow Season 2 Confirmed | Know More Details

The production of the six episodes is underway for a 2021 premiere in Atlanta. Greg Nicotero from The Walking Dead is the creator as well as the executive producer of the show, and the show is based on George A. Romero’s 1982 film, titled, Creepshow. The movie shattered records for the AMC Networks streamer when it made its debut in the month of October in the year 2019.

The details of the project were announced by Shudder last month about four of the segments of the second season, which are going to be directed by Nicotero. Adam Pally and Anna Camp will be starring in the two-part Shapeshifters Anonymous, which follows an unlucky soul who finds himself in need of a werewolf support group.

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Ashley Laurence, Keith David, and Josh McDermitt lead Pesticide, in which an exterminator makes an infernal bargain. Model Kid is about a 12-year old monster fan who turns to hand-built model kits to escape hi reality which is unhappy.

The production of the series is done by Cartel and Monster Agency Productions, Striker Entertainment, and Taurus Entertainment. Nicotero exec produces alongside Brian Witten, Robert Dudelson, James Dudelson, Jordan Kizwani, Stan Spry, Jeff Holland, Eric Woods, and Russell Binder. Co-EPs are Geoff Silverman, Anthony Fankhauser, Julia Hobgood, and Marc Mossman.

An animated Creepshow Halloween special that is based on two stories by Stephen King and his son, Joe Hill, will be premiered by Shudder on Thursday.

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