Creepy: Truth of Nishino Is Out! Ending Explained

Japanese director, Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Creepy, is a mystery horror. This nail-biting movie mixes love and death. Every one of us does have a creepy neighbor peeping here and there, but the neighbors in this movie creeps us out the most. The film gradually picks up the pace with a flood of emotions and horror and turns out to be much darker than thought. So, what is ‘Creepy’ all about? Continue reading to know more. SPOILER AHEAD!

Plot Summary of Creepy

The movie begins with Takakura, a retired detective, and his wife, Yasuko, moving into a new neighborhood after some traumatic events in the past. As they were trying to fit into their new life, Takakura’s old colleague, Nogami, asks for his help with a cold case. The case was about a family, who disappeared without any trace, but left their daughter, Saki, alone.

The uneasiness starts growing between the couple about their strange neighbors, especially Nishino, living with his sick wife and daughter. As Takakura digs deeper into the case, he gets more suspicious about the weird Nishino. After being unpleasant and giving creepy impressions to Yasuko, Nishino suddenly starts to give attention to her, along with his haunting smile. After visiting his house, Yasuko starts to behave strangely. All this makes Takakura more suspicious about his weird neighbor.

One day Mio, the so-called-daughter of Nishino, confronts Takakura that Nishino is not his father, and he is a complete stranger to him. He then asks Nogami to check his house for once, but her visit to Nishino’s home was a death treat for her. Her body is later found in Takakura’s other neighbor’s house. Then Nishino his evil things, and everything starts of unfold slowly.

What happened to Nogami at Nishino’s house?

When Nogami went to Nishino’s house, she found a metal door in the basement. After a while, when Takakura arrives home, the Tanaka house (one of his neighbors), explodes. When the police investigated the scene, they found three dead bodies at the place, one of them being Nogami.

Yasuko and Nishino
Image: IMDb

What did Nishino wanted from Yasuko and Takakura?

After the blast at the Tanaka’s, it is revealed that Nishino controlled Mio and her mother. He also killed Mio’s birth father and used injections of tranquilizers to manage her mother. One day, Mio gave her mother the fewer doses of injections, and her mother then attacks Nishino. He then shoots her.

Later Nishino reveals that he has brainwashed Yasuko and Mio through drugs, and they will do whatever they want. Takakura realizes that Nishino moves from family to family, brainwashes them, and then makes them kill each other. As the movie reaches its end, Nishino brings unconscious Takakura, Mio, and Yasuko to an abandoned house where Takakura shoots Nishino.

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