Curb Your Enthusiasm: HBO announces renewal for the 11th Season.

Larry David‘s long-running comedy show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” has now been renewed. HBO announced the renewal of the show for the eleventh season. Curb Your Enthusiasm made its debut in 2000, and the last season (Season 10) marked its end in March 2020. The show has completed 100 episodes starting from 2001 and ending in 2020. The creator of the series is David himself, and the show revolves around a comedian as a top version of himself. He fusses over trivial details and keeps on continuously falling on the chains of comedic and misfortunate events. The show also stars Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, Richard Lewis, J.B. Smoove, and Ted Danson.

Larry David in the Curb of Enthusiasm Season 7
Image Source – The Guardian

What Larry David has to say about the renewal of the show Curb Your Enthusiasm?

David made a statement in which he said that he is as upset as all of us. He wants HBO to come to their senses and grant him the cancellation that he deserves. Well, we can only hope let’s see what happens next.

Larry David’s Reaction on Renewal for Season 11
Image Source – The Verge

The executive vice president of HBO programming, Amy Gravitt, said something about the past season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. He said that the previous season was tapped into the flavor in an uncomfortably delightful way. Larry David is busy writing for the show, and we can’t wait for more to see what he has got in his store for us this time.

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However, the filming of Curb Your Enthusiasm will not start in the current situation. It will only begin once the current condition is sorted to an extent. Definitely, the safety of cast and crew members is the topmost priority of all the production houses. Let’s see whether Larry would be able to strike at a perfect time.

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