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Cursed Ending: What Did The Weeping Monk Mean?

Cursed is a new Netflix drama created by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller based on the book of the same name. The show stars Katherine Langford in the main role of Nimue(Future lady of the lake). The 10 episodes were released on Netflix recently and the reviews are fairly good.

This new take on the Arthurian legend is definitely different. The Ending has confused a lot of people. Well, Fear not. Here is a crazy explanation of what happened. Beware of the Spoilers!

Cursed Ending:

In the end of cursed, Nimue with the help of Morgana kills the Red Paladins Leader. After the killing and the other Red Paladins not taking it very casually. So Nimue and Morgana flee with injured Merlin to a stone Ridge near a waterfall. Here one of the Paladins-Iris shot Nimue and injured her real bad and she fell down the water. Merlin at this got angry and connected with his long lost magic connected to the Excalibur and lighting bolted on the other side.

Cursed: The Weeping Monk has been an ambiguous part of the story all along. So what happens in the end. The Monk who seemed all villainous during the previous turned to be someone very different from the projected perception. 

Weeping Monk’s Revelation


Season 1 still
Courtesy-NetflixThe Weeping Monk, in the end, switched sides and turned on the Red Paladins. The who ruse was to protect and rescue the little boy-squirrel. On the escape ride, he asks a little squirrel of his real name. Percival! That’s the name of the little squirrel. If anyone remembers the original legend of Arthur, Percival is the name of one of the Knights of the round table. That was some revelation.

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But here’s the thing about revelations, there is always another bigger one. OK, that didn’t sound so cool but wait. The Weeping Monk after Percival’s introduction introduced himself with his real name, He’s Exact word were…

“Lancelot, A long time ago, my name was Lancelot” 

The most famous knight of the original Knights of the round table. This revelation made this story even closer to the Legend it was based on. We now know that The weeping Monk is going to be an integral part of the story(LANCELOT!). It will be interesting to watch the future continuation of cursed and Nimue’s return is also expected. Let’s see where the story goes…


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