Dan Brown: Da Vinci Code author’s ex-wife reveals his shocking double life

Who isĀ  Dan Brown?

One of the famous book, “The Da Vinci Code” author Dan Brown, his ex-wife has filed a lawsuit against him. The guy is known for his world-famous book about conspiracies and secret societies.
21 years of marriage into hate? Image: Google

What’s wrong with him and his ex-wife?

The lawsuit that she has filed on Monday in New Hampshire, Blythe Brown, in that lawsuit she claims credit for inspiring a huge amount of his work and coming up with the premise for “The Da Vinci Code”.
With that, she also says that Brown hid scores of future projects with million from her. This included a Television series as well as a children’s book due out in September. After that, the most explosive allegation is an extramarital affair.
She also described Brown’s behavior as “unlawful and egregious”. To this Brown said she only learned about it after the pair divorced in 2019 after 21 years of marriage.
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Whereas his wife accuses one of the bestselling writers saying that he diverted the funds to pay for gifts to a horse trainer. Which also included many Friesian horses and financing too for his lover’s horse training business.
With she said that the illegal behavior, place in New Hampshire, Europe, and the Caribbean.
Blythe says initially brought the horse trainer to US in 2013 that the coupled owned.
It seems that the story started when the trainer stayed at their house recovering from her shoulder injury, Blythe alleges.
She also says her husband started to act a bit weird, distant, dressed differently, and instigated arguments.
In reference to the suit, Blythe moved out of their house in Rye Beach, New Hampshire in 2018, the moment Brown told her he wants to separate.
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When did they got divorced?

The couple had no kids and divorced in December 2019. Blythe claims that she confronted Brown the following month, the moment she noticed the wire transfers for large amounts. Whereas he also confessed that he is doing bad things and confessed to the affairs.
I don’t remember the man he had turned into and the truth should come out to people. Moreover, when she asked about the upcoming project he said there are none right now. But later she under a notice that he had work of something around 3 million in his hand coming up.

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