Daredevil: Know How Matt Murdock Was Sent To Prison

Daredevil is known for its endurance of more hardships in the comics as compared to other comic book heroes. This man, without any fear, has gone through heartbreaks, personal losses, and also, physical pain. Matt Murdock manages to preserve through it all. Even after executing a manslaughter, he was able to recover his strength, to become a smarter and more efficient Daredevil.

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Despite Murdock’s recovery, he realizes that he must be held legally accountable and should turn himself in for his crimes. Weel, it is a shocking move, but in the case of him, it is not the first time that Daredevil is facing the prison.

Daredevil | Murdock was sent to prison | Here’s how.

During the Brian Michael Bendis‘ acclaimed Daredevil run, a lackey for the Kingpin revealed the secret behind Murdock’s identity to the FBI. Although the agency decided to keep this information a secret, one agent from the agency leaked the identity of his to the press. This lead to Murdock’s infamous outing. Still, as there was not any proof, Murdock remained free.

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Eventually, however, Wilson Fisk claimed to possess “the Murdock Papers,” it contained the proof that Murdock was Daredevil. Fisk agreed on a term to exchange this evidence for immunity for the crimes he has committed himself, leading to a search for him. Even though the evidence was revealed to be a gigantic hoax, the FBI was still to corner him and then arrested him. Bendis’ run on the title ended with both Murdock and Fisk in prison.

He still could not allow the killers like Fisk and Bullseye to escape, so he incapacitated his longtime enemies even before he left. To cover his secret identity, He made it seem as if the Punisher had taken him hostage.


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