Dark Forces: The Demonic Ending Explained

‘Dark Forces’ is a 2020 horror-thriller Mexican film that was released on Netflix. It is directed and written by Bernardo Arellano and stars Mauricio Aspe, Johana Fragoso Blendl, and Dale Carley. Read on to know the movie’s plot and its ending. Spoilers Ahead!

Dark Forces: Plot

‘Dark Forces’ revolves around the central character Franco who is a renegade criminal. He comes to stay at an unusual scary hotel in the search of his kidnapped sister. The hotel resorts to all kinds of weird creatures including junkie guests and plain demons. Not only this, a plumber who visits the hotel is also a freaky one-eyed man. He claims the existence of cruel rats and rodents which ruin the plumbing every now and then. The previous time he had to pour acid down the pipes in order to get rid of them. However, as the story proceeds in ‘Dark Forces’ Franco meets Rubi, a sex-slave to a demon who has also abducted his sister.



Dark Forces: Ending Explained

On the journey to find his sister, Franco meets all types of demons, humans, and some good-intentioned people who also work for the Mafia. Its the same mafia who has kept her sister captive in some place unknown to Franco. A neighbor at the hotel gives Franco a book named “Fuego Negro“. He informs him to keep reading this book in order to face the reality of this hotel and come out stronger repelling all odds. As Franco keeps reading, he realizes the severity of the situation and about the actual strength of the Mafia.

Later on in ‘Dark Forces’, Franco reaches a location where the Mafia had held his sister. On reaching there he realizes that Mafia runs sex rings and exploits young women to work for him forcefully. Somehow he manages to free a certain number of women. But before he could find and rescue his sister, the Mafia’s hitmen come and Franco has to flee in order to save his life. He realizes he needs to take help from others in order to defeat Mafia and free his sister from his trap.

On the other hand, the man who gave him the book also passes a domestic curse on Franco. However, Franco is able to use it as his strength and take benefit from it. Rubi is an enslaved sex-worker for a man who also works under the Mafia. Franco uses his newfound abilities and kills the demon, thus making Rubi free. Rubi then helps him to locate the warehouse in the south of the city.

Franco and Rubi in Dark Forces

Does Franci and Rubi die?

In the final scenes of the movie ‘Dark Forces’, Rubi and Franco reach the warehouse. There is a thrilling action battle sequence with Mafia’s hitmen. Franco manages to kill all of them and also rescues all the women including his sister. The major twist in the story comes here. Just as they all are about to escape, Rubi shows her true colors and shoots Franco with a gun. She confesses of betraying him, also that she always worked for the Mafia and his men. She kisses him for the last time. Franco transfers the bloodied curse onto her and he himself dies.

The ending shows that the curse rests inside the one who has evil intentions. Earlier due to Franco’s urge for vengeance the curse go to him. However, as the movie ended and he achieved his motive of rescuing his sister, the curse got it is way back to ground zero. It came back to Rubi as she committed the sinister crime of betraying Franco. However, in the final moments of ‘Dark Forces’ Rubi appears to be more powerful with superior demonic abilities.

In my opinion, the movie should have ended right where Franco passed the curse to Rubi and she is trying to overcome its power. We can clearly see her struggling to survive the curse with tears running down her horrified face. This kind of end to the story might have helped to keep the suspense and ambiguous ending about Rubi’s future and survival. Time will only tell if there is going to be any sequel for ‘Dark Forces’ or this was the only film in the franchise.

Dark Forces is streaming now on Netflix.

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