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Dark Season 3: The Origin Finally Revealed

Netflix recently released the last season of the series, Dark. This crazy rollercoaster ride has finally come to an end. Dark season 3 has tried its best to cut off all the loose ends left in the previous seasons. In case you missed it, hop on to Netflix to binge-watch the series.

Here we have summed up Dark season 3 and some of the main questions from the previous seasons. A massive amount of SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happened In The Last Season of Dark?

Jonas and Martha were successful in finding the origin of all the happenings and stop the apocalypse in both worlds. Neither Jonas was the origin nor was the child of Jonas and Martha. The origin was the formation of the time machine. H.G. Tannhaus created the time machine in the origin world.

H.G. Tannhaus created the time-machine after the demise of his family.
Image: IMDb



Yes, you’re right, The Origin World! In the final episode of Dark, Claudia told Adam that a third world exists, which is the origin world. She realized that when Tannhaus invented the time machine in his world, he accidentally created two more parallel worlds where Adam and Eva lived.

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Tannhaus created it after the accident of his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. Both Jonas and Martha traveled to the origin world and stopped the accident. Now, since the accident never happened, Tannhaus would never invent the time machine, and thus, Adam & Eva’s world would never exist. In the end, every member of the two worlds turns into nothingness. They were never meant to be created in the first place.

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Who Will Not Exist In The Origin World?

Characters that were born as a result of time-travel will not exist, like Silja Tiedemann and her descendants, Hanno Tauber, Agnes Nielsen, Charlotte Doppler, Elisabeth Doppler and Franziska Doppler. As we also get to know that The Unknown’s son is Tronte Nielsen, and The Unknown himself is the child of Jonas and Martha (Of Eva’s world). Hence, none of the descendants of The Unknown will exist in the origin world. This includes Tronte Nielsen, Ulrich Nielsen, Mads Nielsen, Magnus Nielsen, Martha Nielsen, Michael Kahnwald, or Jonas Kahnwald.

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Charlotte is Elizabeth’s mother as well as her daughter.
Image: IMDb

The relation between Charlotte and Elizabeth is mind-boggling. Since Dark is filled with time travel, long stories short, both of them are each other’s mother as well as their daughter! Also, Ignes and Noah’s parents are Bartosz and Silja, daughter of Hanna and Egon Tiedman.

In the 2019 Winden of the Origin world, Regina Doppler, Hannah Wöller, Torben Wöller, Bernadette Wöller, Peter Doppler, and Katharina Albers are seen enjoying dinner together. We see Hannah pregnant with Torben’s child. Peter is with Bernadette and both Regina and Katharina are single.

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In the end, we can say that Dark ended with clarifying 90% of our doubts. If you still haven’t watched Dark, stream all the three seasons only on Netflix.

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