Dark: Some questions are still unanswered after the finale season ended (SPOILER ALERT)

From being known to be Netflix‘s most complicated family drama, Dark has now finally tied up all its loose threads in the season finale. In the season finale, we saw that Jonas and alternate world Martha travel to a newly revealed third dimension: the origin world. This is the same place where H.G. Tanenhaus activates the machine for the first time that created Jonas and Martha’s two knotted realities.

We saw, in the end, that the two were finally able to stop the string of events that led to Tanenhaus creating the time machine. This was only possible after they saved Tanenhaus’ family from a fatal car crash. Also, all this makes both Jonas and Martha along with all their descendants to whoosh in thin air.

Although it was a pretty nice and sweet ending to Dark, but it still ended with a lot of questions left unanswered. Now, it can be either because the makers could not fit everything in three seasons, or they wanted the audience to keep guessing. Keep reading to know some of those questions.

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Does H.G. Tanenhaus ever learn to time travel in the “real” world?

We saw that after H.G. Tanenhaus’ son, granddaughter and daughter-in-law die, he builds a device that ends up splitting his world into two. But, the creation of such a device is not easy. It is possible by following the blueprints given by Claudia. Later, he perfects the design using a cesium isotope telescope from 2019 and 2019 Ulrich’s cellphone in Dark.

But still, one question remains. If his dear ones didn’t die, would he ever create such a device? Would he have known about time travel?

Why do Jonas and Mirror Martha’s son always travel in threes?

When season 3 starts, the main antagonist at first seems to be an unnamed man with a cleft lip scar. He was the one who was traveling through time and mysteriously killing people. Later, we get to know that he is the son of Adam and Eva, who are Jonas and Martha but in the mirror world. But, the point is, it’s never really explained as to why he travels in his young, middle-age and old Anderson? Or was it just to increase the creepiness factor?

What is up with Alexander/Boris in Dark?

One of the most suspicious parts of the show is the origin story of Regina’s husband, Aleksander Tiedemann, aka Boris Niewald. It is implied that he has committed a murder and so had changed his name before suddenly appearing in Winden in 1986. The point is that the murder has not even been shown or solved on screen in the entire season.

Also, Boris’ last name is “Niewald,” which is a combination of the family names Nielsen and Kahnwald. So, the fans expected a backstory to that. But, we can guess that the makers did not want to end the mystery of Dark.

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What exactly happened to Wöller’s eye?

Although it is a minor detail, we never get to know how Wöller lost his eye. In the final origin world, we finally see that he is going to explain the reason, but then is interrupted by a crash of lightning. So, yet another mystery for the viewers to solve.

How did the Stranger become Adam in Dark?

As we have seen in the show that one version of Jonas eventually turns into the Stranger and then later into Adam. But, the makers didn’t explain how the generally good-natured Stranger becomes the world-weary Adam? I guess this is also a mystery that the show makers have left for the audience to solve.

These are some of the questions on which the viewers are still hanging even after the show’s finale. Well, we don’t think that now there is a chance that it will be answered. But, we can agree even without the answers to these questions, the show was a must-watch.

Stay safe and keep reading for more updates.

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