Dash And Lily Season 1 Ending Explained! Will We Have It’s Season 2?

Dash & Lily season 1 concludes with a fruitful commentary about the importance of compromise. Here, we will now dissect the ending of the Netflix series.

Caution!  Spoilers ahead.

Dash And Lily Season 1 Ending Explained!

Dash & Lily season 1 ends with a heart-touching reunion between the lead duo, along with a dialogue about compromise and it’s importance. The eight-part Netflix series follows a basic romantic comedy plot, ultimately drawing the curtains with a grand gesture from the primary male protagonist. The most important aspect here is the relationship between the lead performers. Also, the ways makers carry out the biggest points of conflict is worth appreciation. For a coming-of-age story about book-loving teenagers, there’s ample of depth and love in Dash & Lily season 1.



What Is It About?

In the series, Austin Abrams and Midori Francis play Dash and Lily, respectively. The story revolves around a book of dares, one that Lily had left for a stranger at Strand Book Store in Manhattan. When Dash finds the notebook, he’s touched by the author’s writing style and pop culture references, specifically a public reading dare involving Joni Mitchell’s 1971 Christmas song “River”. For Lily, she’s most affected by what could be, as she loves the holiday season and is keen for an epic romance that she’s read about in books. On the other hand, Dash is more cynical and continually worries about everything that can go wrong. The two wildcards are Boomer (Dante Brown), Dash’s friend who knows the identity of his book mate, and Sofia, Dash’s well-educated ex-partner who turns up in New York City and inadvertently threatens to destroy Lily’s romantic plans.

Austin Abrams and Midori Francis play Dash and Lily in the series. Image: What’s On Netflix

By the penultimate episode of Dash & Lily season 1, the characters realise each other’s identities through awkward situations. Lily finds the truth through a “Dash” pun made by her great-aunt, Mrs. Basil E. (Jodi Long), and Dash joins the hints by finding his notebook crush in an Irish bar. There, a drunk Lily starts behaving abnormal, especially upon knowing that Dash had been kissing his ex, Sofia. After a displeasing conversation in the back seat of a taxi, Lily returns home and learns that her family will be shifting across the world to Fiji. Followed by that, Dash discloses in the notebook that he wants to end their game of dares, probably because he and Lily drowned themselves in disappointment.

Why Dash Changes His Mind About Lily (With Nick Jonas’ Help)

Dash changes his mind about Lily after reading her sorrowful notebook entry about having to move all the way to Fiji, and coming to the conclusion that their game was nothing but a fantasy. He reaches out Boomer, who knows how to reach Lily. Thereafter, he receives love advice from pop star Nick Jonas after accidentally ending up in the musician’s trailer. While he knows how to amuse her with words and by presenting himself as a perfect Prince Charming figure, he accepts that it’s best to just be original, and also to be vulnerable.

Nick Jonas in a cameo in The Dash And Lily. Image: Decider

Dash changes his mind about Lily because he actually cares for her, but he also changes his views upon learning self-love. In general, he is most comfortable while brooding like a rebellious novel protagonist and throwing clever liners at social places. But, he’s potentially hiding the fact that he’s just a teenager with a lot to learn about life; certainly about women. When he ends his notebook fling when Lily, he doesn’t worry about how his words may affect her, and so he’s especially eager for discovering what she’s dealing with. Dash, the self-claimed loner, gradually accepts all his weaknesses,. This allows him to grow better and advice from friends and acquaintances. In a way, Dash reaches the height of realisation where he feels balanced out with Lily; a strong building block for a relationship.

How Lily Overcomes Her Adversity & Faces Her Family

In Dash & Lily season 1, Lily’s bunch of bad news leads to patronizing talk from her grandfather, Arthur. During a familial holiday tradition, the man stands before Lily and Langston with cash gifts (otoshidama) but won’t present them until his grandchildren get some tough love and life advices. With Langston, Arthur acknowledges his relationship with Benny. He doesn’t like how his grandson dropped out of NYU. While speaking to Lily, Arthur is especially judgmental and superior by holding Dash responsible for her perceived mistakes. Arthur declares that he was going to let Lily live with him in New York City. He then announces that moving to a new location would be the best option for her. He calls it a cruel thing to do after all she’s suffered.

Lily uses all of the lessons learned from books to improve her real-life relationships. Image: Business Insider

Lily’s reacts to Arthur with a withering commentary about his denial to compromise. In the same sentence, she points out her brother Langston, who dumped Benny because he split town for two weeks, and also objects her father for not informing her about a potential family move. With the speech, Lily evidently takes down the family patriarchy for gravely impacting her view of the world. She begins Dash & Lily as social follower who comes out as the leader of a game, but ultimately converts into a strong woman after experiencing immense heartbreak. Lily becomes her own novel character by speaking up for herself and running for her goals. Earlier, she didn’t have much command over her life and created the game of dares so that she could indeed call the shots. In the end, she uses all of the lessons learned from books to improve her real-life relationships.

Lily’s Romantic Rebellion Sets Up Dash & Lily Season 2

Season 1 ends with a convincing and heart-warming ending. Dash expresses his feelings for Lily in the notebook, which is then ultimately stolen by Langston. Moments later, however, Langston reads the book of dares and sends Lily all the facts that she needs to know. Lily then leaves for the Strand Book Store. There she meets Dash who has decorated an entire room with New York City-themed holiday flair. After the inevitable kiss, she receives the fortunate news that she’ll be able to reside in America with her grandpa, Arthur.

Midori Francis in The Dash And Lily. Source: CinemaBlend

Netflix doesn’t really rush the ending of Season 1, but the Arthur moment seems like it should’ve brought out a stronger response from the central lovers. The fact that the teenagers are just nervous and uncertain about how to act is something to argue about. After all, the sequence does not contain what the characters desire so much: authenticity. Still, the finale at “The Strand” sets up the premise for Dash & Lily season 2, as the protagonists have now developed wisdom and the required life skills to better live with the stress of being teenagers living in New York City.

What The Dash & Lily Book Sequel Is About

In 2016, David Levithan and Rachel Cohn released The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily – an after-show book for Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares. The plot takes place one year after the original book and shows the couple nearly one year into their romantic relationship. When Arthur suffers a cardiac arrest, Lily drowns into deep depression and her loved ones become naturally concerned. For 12 days, Dash and Langston make attempts to bring back Lily’s spirit just in time for Christmas. Aware of that, it’s easy to predict Dash & Lily season 2 will take place around Christmas again, and it will once again come out over just two weeks.

Will We Have It’s Season 2? If Yes, When?

Netflix will probably greenlight new episodes by mid-December. Image: Hello Magazine

Netflix hasn’t confirmed Dash & Lily season 2 yet. Based on the positive reviews so far, the streaming service will probably show a green flag to new episodes by mid-December; a Christmas gift for the viewers. Two book sequels have released since the 2010 publication of the source material, so Dash & Lily season 2 is certainly to come. According to series creator Joe Tracz (via Decider), he’s set to roll:

“I hope that if the series connects with people, that we’ll be able to get a chance to adapt that second book… The third book was actually written on set. Because David and Rachel, when they visited, they’d be working in the corner of the set on their laptops, writing the third book.”

Dash & Lily Season 2 Release Date


Netflix ‘s Dash & Lily season 2 could roll for a 2021 release, obvious by the fact that the book sequel occurs one year after the events of the first story. Presuming that the main cast doesn’t have schedule clashes, shoot could take place during 2021 winters to capitalize upon the holiday premise. Presently, it seems convenient that Dash & Lily season 2 could hit screens in November or December 2021.

What to Expect in Season 2?

The Dash And Lily will be an adaptation of The Twelve Days Of Dash And Lily. Image: Seventeen Magazine

Assuming that Dash & Lily season 2 will be an adaptation of The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily, the story will center on the lead duo’s romance and a host of events that drain Lily of her year-round holiday spirit. Both protagonists narrate the book sequel in alternating chapters, and the first conflict stems from Lily’s depression after her grandfather suffers a heart attack. Presumably, Dash & Lily season 2 twill have a mature tone. It will show how the protagonists learn to compromise when life becomes harsh on them. It’s a theory that applies to Lily’s grandfather Arthur (James Saito) in the first installment on Netflix.

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