Anti-Semitic comments of Nick Cannon have made his planned daytime talk show has pushed back in the wake of the recent backlash.

Nick Cannon: Feeling Guilty

On Friday the news was announced on CNN in a combined statement from Debmar-Mercury and Lionsgate.

However, from the statement, it is understood that Nick Cannon’s talk show will not be able to debut his year!


Apologized, as, feeling Guilty? (Image: Socialite life)

Moreover, from the conversation with Nick, it was understandable that it was not Nick’s true feeling. So, he apologized with full heart and guilt. Moreover, he went to the leader of the Jewish Community and engaged with the distribution partners to hear their views. As they want to continue the healing process.

The statement went, “We are with Nick in our hope that around 2021 he will be able to use his extraordinary talent and platform to entertain, enlighten and unite his audience and fans again back on the ‘Nick Cannon’ talk show.”


Nick Cannon: The controversy had the latest development

On Friday, Cannon sounded a bit off about the reactions given to his apology for those remarks.
It pained me to the core that I have hurt an entire community, He tweeted.

Although, Nick Cannon’s upcoming daytime talk show has been pushed away from the premiere. As the statement given by him in criticism. Over anti- Semitic remarks given by him in a podcast of his in June.

However, Nick Cannon, the show was all set to be released in September 2021. Lionsgate’s Debmar- Mercury, the distributor, and producer of the Cannon’s show gave a statement that standing with Nick and hope to premiere the show in 2021.


I hurt someone, however, I didn’t intend to “Sorry”. (Image: Socialite life)

What is the matter?

Nick Cannon in an interview with Richard Griffin gave an anti-Semitic comment on Jews. Professor Griffin said, ” Jews are the reason for all the wickedness that happens in the world.” Moreover, he added, ” I am not liked because people couldn’t digest the truth.”
On the same Nick Cannon said that there isn’t any reason to be afraid of as he is speaking correctly. He even called the Black Men as “Hebrews”. Moreover, he praised Islamic leaders like Louis Farrakhan.