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DC Comics Reveals Batman Will Die Just Like His Parents

If you are a Batman fan and wondering what is the future of Batman league then this article is for you. Here, in this article, I will inform you about the upcoming mysterious events in the Batman latest chapters.

Is Batman going to die in the coming chapters of Batman?

Well, its really a controversial topic but yes, Batman series is going to see a rapid change in coming chapters as Batman is going to die a terrific death. According to the sources, the Batman’s death is just going to be a fake death not like his parents which was the real one.

In the coming chapters of Batman, we will see Batman’s death is going to revise the same fate as his parents were dead. Batman’s parents were dead during great commotion when they got shot down. Only there will be one dramatic change and that dramatic change will reflect as, during the death of Batman’s parents, they were not targeted. Despite this fact, in the face of Batman, we will see that Batman will be targeted to die in the same way as his parents have got dead.

Why Batman’s death is related to his parent’s death?

Batman’s death has its connections with that of his parent’s death. We all know about the history of Batman as how he was born. Batman was the son of a rich couple of Gotham City who was shot to death indirectly by the revelries. Batman then grew up just with the desire to take the revenge of his parents death. Although, this oath has expanded to a wide to that of serving the universe still taking the revenge was the primary moto of Batman.

Incoming chapters of Batman, it will be shown how Gotham City people have stood against Batman due to the Cruel landlords and ministers. Batman will be shot to death but this death will be a fake one.

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