DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth- How good is it?

What’s up, DC fans! Bored and fed up of the quarantine? So, there is interesting news for you all. A brand new DC game, DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth, is in the market guys. It is created by Nathaniel Yamaguchi and Matt Hyra and put into existence by Cryptozoic Entertainment. It can be played by a single person, or by a group, i.e. 4 people together, at the same time.
The game focuses on DC characters chosen by the player to complete a series of missions forming a story. The player has to travel within the town and strengthen his or her character and fight villains within the time limit.
New platform new magic! Image: Google.

What is the Rebirth actually?

The game DC Deck-Building Game underwent many changes and launched various versions of the same. The latest version launched this year is Rebirth. It is the evolved and updated version of the DC Deck-Building Game.
New elements have been added to the game such as bridging the situation, going to iconic DC Universe places, the progress of a certain character, etc. The game has various DC comics superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Harley Quin, etc.
Dc or Marvel, it’s just another magic. Image: Google

Review package of all?

DC Deckbuilding Game: Rebirth is a situation based game that works on the Cerberus Gaming System of the Cryptozoic Entertainment. It allows the user to play a game in different ways and even helps the creator to add the features and new modes easily.
Overall the mean playing time of each scenario is about an hour much may increase or decrease depending on the scenario chosen by the user. The cards of the deck are very nice supported by brilliant art.
Notice the change. Image: Google.
The new rule book is very tough to understand especially for newbies even many old players had to undergo some difficulties to understand some rules. The game isn’t of the legacy genre but has some elements that belong to the same. The emergence of new elements and components in different situations generates more love towards it.
The part in which the player has to strategies his moves to carry forward and defeat the enemy will fantasize strategical game brains. I would rate this game very high, for me its the best game of the year.

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