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DC Multiverse To Have Constantine And Watchmen? That’s What ‘Flash’ Implies!

DC Multiverse is one of the highly discussed upcoming super-hero storylines. DC FanDome recently played a video montage to introduce audiences to the DC multiverse. They have mistakenly revealed that Watchmen and Constantine are included.

Both the characters’ first appearance was in their standalone movies during the 2000s. The films have adapted DC comic’s materials for the screen. Here’s everything you need to know about the DC Multiverse’s new add-ons!

DC Multiverse: All About Constantine and Watchmen

Keanu Reeves played the lead in Constantine. The film was based in Los Angeles instead of the comics character’s native Liverpool. Francis Lawrence was the film’s director.

The movie struggled to find an audience at the box office when it got released. Fans have discovered the character’s connection with the DC Universe and so I have gained a fan following in recent years.

DC Multiverse
Source: DC Comics

Zack Snyder directed the ‘Watchmen’. It is based on a classic DC graphic novel. The movie was a huge hit and some people called it the ‘best super-hero movie ever’. The only mistake Snyder made was that he adhered too strictly to the graphic novel. Fans wanted him to go astray and create something new. Snyder, however, had rewritten the iconic climax and it was just awesome.

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Watchmen movie has also been re-evaluated in recent years. Damon Lindelof 2019’s dazzling HBO show has generated the traction all over again. Both Watchmen and Constantine has an entirely different storyline based in their world. Their world and timeline don’t coincide with the core DC characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

What Led to this Revelation?

At this weekend’s DC FanDome, DC ran a video montage explaining the DC movie multiverse. This was for Andy Muschietti‘s upcoming The Flash. The video showed a few moments from both Watchmen and Constantine. Neither of the two movies was mentioned in the voiceover.

DC Multiverse
Source: DC Comics

However, the footage led the fans to believe that there might be some connection. The Universe’s general explanation makes it appear as though they are part of the DC movie multiverse. Ezra Miller, The Flash movie’s star, said that his solo movie establishes the cinematic multiverse. This further opens up the opportunity for “characters that exist within their own bubbles” to “collide.”

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This statement is surely not explicit, but it does imply that Watchmen and Constantine do exist in the DC multiverse. As these are the characters who haven’t collided with any timelines yet and are within their own bubbles.

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A new JJ Abrams’ directed Constantine movie is in works as we speak. We don’t know yet who is going to be the movie’s lead. Keanu Reeves might reprise his role as Constantine. Whoever the actor might be, he will appear alongside at least one of the current Justice League’s members.

DC Multiverse
Source: DC Comics

As for Watchmen, we will most likely see the connection on the TV itself. DC might make a Watchmen’s prequel to establish a new angle.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!



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