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STARGIRL Episode 9: Brainwave Review

Stargirl Episode 9: Brainwashed aired on the 13th. It explored some more into the psyche of Dr. King and the new challenges faced by Courtney. Here’s a little synopsis of what happened. Also, check out the trailer for the 10th episode from the CW Network.

In this article, we’ll talk about the previous episode of DC’s Stargirl.


Stargirl – Plot Details.

The newest episode of Stargirl started in the past when Dr. King comes in contact with his superpowers. Killing a thief with his Telekinetic powers. Henry sees the old tapes of his father and relates to him. On the other hand, we could see Courtney explains to Pat about Henry’s condition and mental state.

Stargirl episode 9 – Still
Courtesy: CW Network

Pat also explains to Sylvester that he was a part of a different team that first fought Dr. Ito and before they joined the JSA called The Seven Soldiers of Victory. He shows a picture of the group, which includes The Vigilante, Crimson Avenger, and Wing, among others. It was from when they stopped Ito destroy Newyork. He explained how they had lost touch.

In the end, Henry comes into contact with his fathers’ Lawyer who explains to him that Dr. Kings is coming off life-support. To which Henry thinks he is lying and tries his new powers on him to kill him. At this point, King wakes up unaware of what was going on. 

So the story of Stargirl will continue with Courtney and the team trying to explore the world around. Henry interacting with his father and what other villains mentioned in the plot are up to.

Further Details:

  • Stargirl Episode 10 will be released on 21st of July, Monday on the CW network
  • The next episode is titled “Brainwave Jr.”

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