DC’s Stargirl Episode 10 really shocked us from head to toes with sudden death. No one saw this coming and everyone wants answers and insights into what just happened. Episode 10 caught us completely off-guard. This article is all about Stargirl Episode 10 has every answer you need!

Stargirl started a little slow to impress and gather fans. Since it first hit the screens, the freshman DC Universe series has kept hold of ambitious storylines. But now, they are upping the ante in a huge way. The most recent installment, Season 1 Episode 10, “Brainwave Jr.” was undoubtedly it’s most game-changing this far.


Stargirl Episode 10
Source: DC Comics

Stargirl Season 1, Episode 10: What exactly happened?

“Brainwave Jr.” initially split into two major arcs but now we can clearly see the connection. In the first phase, Barbara Whitmore discovered that her daughter Courtney was really the Stargirl. Courtney’s husband Pat Dugan turned out to be Starman’s sidekick Stripesy and was now the superhero known as S.T.R.I.P.E.

In the second phase, we saw that Henry King Jr. continue to struggle with his newfound abilities. On the side, he is still reconciling with the fact that his newly-awake father Henry Sr. is the villainous Brainwave. He initially bonded with his father who had no memory of the last 10 years. He later found out that there wasn’t anything he could do to save his father.



IMAGE: DC Comics

Henry teamed up with the Justice Society of America – Stargirl, Yolanda Montez/Wildcat, Beth Chapel/Dr. Mid-Nite and Rick Tyler/Hourman. The team heads into Dragon King/Dr. Ito’s lair in order to retrieve Henry’s father. Henry’s father was attempting to cure his amnesia and Courtney’s Cosmic Staff. The team successfully rescued both but unfortunately, they were too late for Henry Sr. who now remembered that he was Brainwave.

DC’s Stargirl Episode 10, Henry Sr. revealed that he killed his wife and asked his son to stand by his side and change the world together. But Henry decided to stand with justice and denied his father’s proposal. Unfortunately, his father killed him in front of the JSA as a result.