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Deadpool 2: Brad Pitt’s Cameo has This Interesting Story Behind It

Most of you may have seen the Deadpool 2 movie, well, were you able to notice that one of the top actors in the world, Brad Pitt was also in the movie. If you can believe it, I am sure you’ll not believe what I am going to tell you next. He did a cameo in the sequel of movie Deadpool for only about a split-second shot. Brad Pitt was a part of the movie, and he played the role of the Vanisher. The Vanisher was invisible in the entire film except for that particular shot that revealed that he is none other than Brad Pitt. According to the reports by ET Online, Pitt made a cameo as an ally of the superhero and was named The Vanisher.

Brad Pitt as The Vanisher
Image Source – Economic Times

What did Brad Pitt charge for the cameo?

Well, the actual matter is not that he did a cameo in the sequel of Deadpool, but what did he charge for it? You may be surprised to know that one of the best and top actors in the world, Brad Pitt charged a cup of coffee from Starbucks from Ryan Reynolds for making a cameo in the superhero film.

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Making the top actor of Hollywood do a cameo of about 3 seconds in his superhero movie, suits the character of Deadpool. Brad Pitt stated that he is doing the cameo, and he is doing it for nothing. To this statement of Pitt, Ryan Reynolds responded by saying that this is the sweetest and a total solid thing anyone can do.

Bradd Pitt in Deadpool 2
Image Source – Screen Rant

It shows the total irresponsible behavior by taking the biggest movie star in the world in his movie and giving him the role that has no words and remains invisible except for three frames in the film.

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