Death Note 2: Is It Really Happening? What To Expect?

Death Note movie’s first part got out in 2017. It has been around three years now since the first part’s release and so fans are wanting for more. The American supernatural thriller film is based on a Japanese mega-series of the same name.

The Japanese series was a huge hit and it became famous throughout the world. The American film was adapted from this Japanese series and it got released in 2017. Here’s everything you need to know about the movie’s second part!

Death Note 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, the movie’s second installment’s release date is not out yet. Greg Russo is the series’ screenplay writer. The movie’s first installment first premiered in the theatre and then aired on Netflix. The second part is most likely going to follow the same suit.

Death Note 2
Source: Netflix

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata have originally created the Japanese series. They are currently working on a sequel as we speak.

The film’s creators have also not revealed the second part’s plot details yet. However, the sources suggested the movie will pick up where the first part left.


This is a supernatural thriller film. This is the original series’ storyline. The film revolves around a high school student. This student once discovers a supernatural notebook that has deadly powers. With the help of this book, he can kill anyone he wants!

He just has to inscribe a name into the book. Whoever’s name gets written in the book, that person dies. He gets intoxicated and drunk on this unmatchable power and decides to go on a killing spree. He starts killing anyone and anyone eliminates whom he deems unworthy of life.

Death Note 2
Source: Netflix

The film is based in Seattle, Washington. It revolves around a student named Light Turner. Turner, a high schooler, comes across the Death Note one day. Death Note is a mysterious notebook made of leather. The book’s instructions read that if anyone’s name is written down within it, that person will die. Also, the person will die in the way exactly described in the book.

Tuner one day confronts that Kenny Doyle is harassing Mia Sutton. He gets sent to detention for this. This makes him angry and so, he writes Doyle’s name in the book. Soon after that, Doyle dies in an accident and a new adventure begins for Turner.

Adam Wingard is the film’s director. Additionally, Charles, Vlas Parlapanides, and Jeremy Slate are the film’s writer.

Death Note 2
Source: Netflix

Main Cast Of Death Note –

Nat Wolff

Lakeith Stanfield

Margaret Qualley

Shea Whigham

Paul Nakauchi

Jason Liles

Willem Dafoe

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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