Deca-Dence English Dub: Voice Artists Revealed!

Deca-Dence anime’s English dubbed version is on its way for the wider audience. Funimation announced the anime’s English dubbed cast and staff on Tuesday.

Deca-Dence English Dub Cast and Crew

The anime’s English dub cast includes:

Trina Nishimura as Natsume

Gabe Kunda as Kaburagi

Morgan Lauré as Kurenai

Barry Yandell as Hugin

Kimberly Grace as Pipe

Jeremy Inman will direct the anime’s English version. Paul Cline is the sound engineer and Jarrod Greene will join in as the main writer. Additionally, Nathanael Harrison and CAS are in charge of the mix.

Funimation screened the anime’s first episode in its FunimationCon 2020 virtual anime convention on July 3. The anime premiered for the public in Japan later on July 8.

Deca-Dence English Dub Version
Source: Funimation

Full Anime Synopsis!

Deca-Dence is set in a post-apocalyptic anime that is no longer ruled by humans. Giant monsters called Gadolls appeared on the planet and started killing humans who came in their way. This led to the human race on the brink of extinction.

The surviving humans live in the confinements of high mountain walls called the Deca-Dence. These walls protect humans from the monsters and help them communalize again. Humans know that they are safe for a while, but they are still afraid. These walls are not going to hold forever. Also, they do not have enough resources to sustain themselves inside the Deca Decne for the coming years.

IMAGE: Reddit

The people living in Deca Dence are called Denizens. The Denizen population is further divided into two sections—Gears and Tankers. Gears are mighty warriors who step outside to fight Gadolls. Tankers are simply all the others who pick up on odd jobs and provide to the Denizen community.

Natsume is a young girl and a Tanker who wants to become a Gear someday. Kaburagu is a man who also wants to be a Gear but settles for the Tanker’s life of a repairman.

Deca-Dence English Dub Version
Source: Funimation

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These two dreamy character’s worlds collide and they set out to become the Gears. They join forces and fulfill their dreams. They are now set on a path to free their world from the Gadolls risking their own lives.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for the latest updates!


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