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Deca Dence: Hugin Destroys Kaburagi’s Avatar!

Deca Dence is a post-apocalyptic anime about human survival and monster slaying. Its stellar production gives it an additional edge. The anime is in a very interesting phase right now.

Deca Dence: Natsume Now Knows the Truth!

In the ninth episode, we saw that Natsume finally learned the world’s truth. This realization shattered Natsume’s goals, her ambitions, and even her trust for Kaburagi. She started questioning everything she’s built her life around. Still, Natsume helps Kaburagi in his fight against Gadoll. She also helped him to fight against the system as a whole.

Kaburagi had his reasons for keeping Natsume in the dark. The truth was a threat to a serious existential crisis. Also, as she was a tanker, it would have been harder for her to digest the truth. The world could be manufactured and coded by androids would simply be too absurd for her.

Deca Dence
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Natsume received her first real insight into the truth after she wiped out the Gadoll factory alongside Kaburagi. She thought that Gadoll came from some monstrous nest. Instead, they were made in the factory with levers. She saw Gadolls fade away before her eyes and she knew something was up. Kaburagi can no longer hide the truth from her.

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When Kaburagi tells him the entire truth, she gets so shocked that she passed out. She gets furious when she wakes up. Everything Natsume knew was a lie because Kaburagi hadn’t told her the truth sooner. She tells Kaburagi that she does not trust him anymore and have no idea what to do.

Natsume is in an uncomfortable situation and she is the only Tanker who knows what’s actually going on. Everyone is celebrating that the Gadolls are gone but Natsume knows that the real enemies are still out there.

Deca Dence
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Kaburagi’s Letter!

Natsume’s father was a victim of this oppressive system and she cannot take any more of it. Her father got too close to the truth and was exterminated. All her suffering paved her life and that is connected to the oppressive system.

She cannot tell this to her fellow Tankers as they won’t believe her. Kaburagi also has disappeared back to his android body and now she is left all alone.

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Kaburagi replies to Natsume’s letter before going away. He explains to her that he had lost the will to live before she came along. Kaburagi writes that she changed him entirely and made him into the revolutionary he is now.

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Deca Dence
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Natsume rushes to Kaburagi’s apartment as soon as she reads this letter. Kaburagi changes back to his avatar as soon as he learns that the Game Police is tracking Natsume. The duo collides in Kaburagi’s doorway.

The episode ended on an emotional note, and also on a cliff-hanger. Hugin comes to eliminate Kaburagi. He destroys Kaburagi’s avatar causing it to crumble lifelessly into Natsume’s arms.

Right now, all the odds are against Natsume and Kaburagi. Let’s see how the story unfolds.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!

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