Deca Dence: Kaburagi Is Reclaiming His Avatar; Know How It Affects The Story!

Deca Dence anime’s story is on a turning point now. We saw that Kaburagi pledged to break out of prison, free the Tankers, and wipe out the Gadoll for good. He is also on his way to destroy the Gadoll factory. This task is not just difficult but is next to impossible. Here’s everything you need to know about Kaburagi’s plan!

Deca Dence: What is this Avatar?

An invisible barrier surrounds the Gandoll factory. This barrier is no ordinary barrier. Firstly, it is invisible so no one knows where exactly it starts. Also, any Tankers that pass through it, as instantly terminated. Additionally, any avatar also gets destroyed if they attempt to pass through the barrier.

Deca Dence
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There is still one avatar that is not registered and kept hidden from the Game Police. This avatar has special capabilities and will allow anyone to pass through the barrier. In the anime’s eight-episode, Kaburagi and his fellow bugs track down his former avatar. This will enable Kaburagi to infiltrate the factory in the coming episodes.

Jill is the mastermind and will plan the heist’s every detail. She will put on her sci-fi glasses and will come with a logical plan to retrieve the avatar. Kaburagi, Donatello, and the rest of the bugs are of no use and are very careless. They are more muscles than minds.

Jill has to plan a perfect way to infiltrate an archive where Minato has been illegally hiding the thing. After that, they will have to go around the conveyor belts and retrieve it from its storage container.

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Deca Dence
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The Task Just Got Tougher!

Hugin and Minato get into a confrontation when Hugin suspects him of hiding something. With Hugin in the picture, the mission has now become much more difficult. With Hugin and his laser bird around, no one can sneak into anything.

The squad eventually manages to sway the avatar with some kind of kinky droid pleasure device. This also helps Minato so that he can provide any explanation.

Kaburagi now has retrieved his old avatar and the mission is on. Kaburagi is all set to go inside the Gandoll factory but Jill stops him. She explains that he’ll need someone with him to help him out. The only person that can go inside the factory along with Kaburagi is Natsume.

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Deca Dence
Source: Crunchyroll

She lacks a chip so it’ll allow her to pass through the factory’s barrier without being fried. Kaburagi did manage to get the avatar but it doesn’t mean that he will be successful in his operation.

He and Natsume are now going on a mission from where there’s no coming back. Destroying the Gondall factory is going to be the toughest mission ever. We will get to see what happens now in the next episodes.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!



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