Deca-Dence’s Staggering Ending! Is Kaburagi Really Dead?

Deca-Dence’s Season 1 anime’s finale episode has an explosive ending and the fans cannot get enough of it. In the last episode, Kaburagi takes over the fortress and is primed to take down the big boss Gadoll.

However, tables started turning for him when he finds himself involved in a philosophical exchange with the Deca-Dence’s system itself. The system reluctantly allows him to go when he convincingly discusses the bugs’ nature and world-changing resolves.

Deca-Dence’s Season 1: The Apocalypse!

On the other hand, the Gears and Tankers team up together to retrieve old Deca Dence parts. They put up a brand new cannon with these parts. Kaburagi powers up with the new artillery strung together. He breaks the Deca Dence limiter and goes full-force at the big boss.

Deca Dence
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A huge explosion follows in which the Gadoll disappears and the apocalypse is avoided. Everyone is saved but the fortress comes apart and Kaburagi gets buried in the rumble.

The Great Sacrifice!

Natsume and the gang starts digging around and eventually recovers Kaburagi’s body. This time, Kaburagi is really gone. Kaburagi has sacrificed himself for humanity’s good.

After this, the episode skipped three years ahead to show how the world has changed. Three years later, Minato is the new system administrator with Jill being his secretary. Hugin and the game police had disappeared when the things got dicey and no one has seen them after that.

The fortress has now turned into “Deca Dence City,” a “compound entertainment facility” (basically a theme park). Here, humans and cyborgs are alike and can have a great time together.

Deca Dence
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The facility offers many new and exciting recreational activities. It includes a farming game, zero-gravity dodgeball, a battle stadium, and even a Gadoll area. The Gandoll area consists of cute, spongy Gadoll familiars.

Now the Tankers have an improved living and the residential area is also renovated.

Natsume is now a tour guide and she does driving and flying around outside the city. She keeps a picture of Kaburagi and herself attached in her little Pipe keychain. Unfortunately, Pipe was not revived.

Is He Really Dead?

Pipe is dead, but surprisingly, Kaburagi is not! Jill discovered Kaburagi’s backup while she was browsing through some old files. This means that Kaburagi can be brought back to life and can inhibit his original avatar just for nostalgia’s sake.

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Deca Dence
Source: Crunchyroll

The episode’s last scene shows Natsume finishing one of her tours and noticing a Kaburagi-shaped silhouette in the distance! Deca-Dence is undoubtedly one of the most liked and followed anime right now. Fans are asking more of it and according to reports, we can expect a video-game based on the anime.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!

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