Deepika Padukone flaunts new short haircut!

Deepika Padukone having the huge fan following and popularity around the globe is seem to happy about her new hairstyle. Which she can’t stop flaunting about.

One of the famous celebrities of Bollywood seems to be very happy and excited about her new hairstyle!

lovely look.
Isn’t this look suiting her? Source:

Has she posted something about her new look?

However there is not even a single photo posted by her with her new hairstyle. But there is a video of her at the salon has been rotating around the social media platforms.

The actress can be seen checking out her haircut, smiling excitedly at her new look. “So pretty,” people on social media wrote.

“Uff her natural beauty and that smile,”
another added.

We all can see the excitement.
Can you see the dimple? Source:

We have seen a lot of celebrities changing their style and coming out with new fashion. some got Criticism and some got praised.

Do let us know below in the comment section how do you find this new look go Deepika Padukone.

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