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Diamond No Ace Act 2 Chapter 231: What is Cornering Amahisa?

  • Diamond No Ace Act 2 Chapter 231 is just around the corner and fans are excited to see what will happen now. Also, before reading any further, let me warn you that these posts contain spoiler of the previous chapter. So, if have not read the manga’s previous episode yet, proceed with caution. Here’s everything you need to know about the manga’s upcoming chapter!

Diamond No Ace Act 2 Chapter 231: Release Date

The manga’s new chapter is all set to land on Thursday, 29 October 2020. This manga releases a new chapter every Thursday.

Yuji Terajima is the manga’s writer. Manga One magazine publishes all the manga’s latest chapters. The manga also has an anime adaptation of the same name.

Diamond No Ace Act 2
Source: Manga One

Episode 230 Full Recap!

Amahisa thinks that they will not show him the new pitch. He is all set to pound the fastball. Actually, the battery exactly wanted this. Miyamoto is No. 9 batter and he is next. Miyamoto is shocked and surprised after seeing Sawamura’s throw. His velocity is extremely great and up the notch.

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Miyamoto earlier saw Sawamura’s throw in Spring Tourney and it was not anything like this. However, Sawamura has improved phenomenally and now his velocity is way too much to handle. Miyamoto faced the fastball and he quickly got cornered. He had to chop the ball foul to stay alive.

Diamond No Ace Act 2
Source: Manga One

Additionally, that also was the fastest ball. The pitch was 140 kph, a personal record for Sawamura. Chimaru is next and up for batting. He has devised his own strategy to face the fastball. He is focused on not swinging anything except an easy pitch. This is not going to work, as least not against Sawamura.

Chimaru’s Strategy!

Chimaru tried his best to hang in there. However, he was no match to Sawamura’s fastball. He was also struck out on 3 fastballs. Amahisa notices and analyses everything very carefully. He is well aware that as the Ace of the team, people expect many things from him.

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Sawamura Ace-like pitching has made Amahisa thinking. He knows that cannot afford to falter first in this pitcher duel and he seems to tighten up a bit. Facing Masashi, the battery knows that he has the potential to score home runs. So, they need to decide carefully how to take the next step. On the other hand, Sankou prepares to get this game of patience continues.

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Diamond No Ace Act 2
Source: Manga One

Sankou’s coach notices that Amahisa has delivered solidly so far as the Ace of the team. He has done wonders in high-pressure situations and is a huge asset for the team. However, right now Amahisa seems concerned about something else. The next chapter will reveal Amahisa’s concerns.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!





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