Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 218: Know all the details here

The match between Seidou High and Sousei High is almost at its final leg in Diamond no Ace. Team Seidou is leading and wanting to finish this game in style!

Nori has also informed about the Furuya’s pitch count approaching 100. This means that everyone should gear up to face anything now. The excitement level is only rising!

For all the fans, here’s every important update on Diamond no Ace you need to know!

When will the next chapter release?

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 218 will release in the upcoming week on July 10, 2020. Mostly all new episodes release weekly on Thursdays, but some with exception also get a Friday release. 

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What happened in Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 217?

Sousei wasn’t able to do anything on the outside pitch, and so a strikeout was ordered. The match with Kawakami has also come to an end now. 

Seidou gets successful in making it to the semi-finals by beating Sousei with an unbelievable score of 7-1.

Now they will be in a face-off with Ichidai Sankou at Junguu stadium on the 26th.

Seidou’s teammates celebrate their great victory and make a resolution to perform to their best ability in the next game. Miyuki thinks about the future and how, after winning against Sankou, there is just a final left for them to become the champions. Fans also got to witness Narisa’s aggressive behavior during the game. He gave an amazing performance in the match.

Zono and his teammates praise the third year performance inside the dressing room. Zono was able to manage a double score RBI, and the players were ecstatic to see Ryo in form. 

Picture: Otakukart

Sousei players thank their coach for spending the last two and a half years training them. However, the coach is hesitant about accepting the praises as he thinks he has failed to bring the team in the semifinals.

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The players still show tremendous gratitude towards their coach and bow down their heads together to honor him.

Where can you read Diamond no Ace Act II Chapters? 

There isn’t any official website where the fans can catch up on the Diamond no Ace chapters. However, the chapters are available on the Manga One magazine and mobile application.

Stay tuned with us for more about the manga!

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