Diamond No Ace Act II Chapter 235: The Game Continues!

Diamond no Ace Act II is a Japanese shonen baseball manga series written and illustrated by Yuji Terajima. It is a sequel manga which started publishing on 19 August 2015. The series covers the genre of sports.

It goes through the same typical story as every Sports manga. It revolves around uplifting tales of underdogs. But, that doesn’t make it any less interesting. This manga perfectly blends coming-of-age teen drama with some hoop madness. And, it requires only chapters to get acquainted and fall in love with the characters. And, once you’re there, there’s no going back. You don’t necessarily need to be into Baseball to like this series.

As every chapter goes by, the story gets more detailed. And, along with that, the characters get more interesting. A total of 234 chapters have been released till now. And, the series has successfully managed to keep its audience hooked up. So, with all said, let’s talk about the release date of Chapter 235. And, make sure to check out the reading platform for the series. Also, go through a quick recap of the previous chapter.

Diamond No Ace Act 2
Source: Manga One

Release Date

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 235 will be released on Thursday, 3 December 2020. Note that, the new chapters of this manga are out every Thursday.

Yuji Terajima is the manga’s writer. Manga One magazine publishes all the manga’s latest chapters.

Recapturing Chapter 234 of Diamond no Ace Act II 

Sawamura yells to the outfielders that they need to keep it tight and they all agree. He fires the 1st pitch to the inside and becomes foul. Miyuki notices that Yoshida has swung at the inside pitch and decides to make him budge. Sawamura throws a fast low ball to the outside and that makes a strike. Miyuki praises Sawamura for making a nice pitch and the fans think that Sawamura is getting better at catching.

Diamond No Ace Act 2
Source: Manga One

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Miyuki knows that Sankou has a power hitter and it makes them scared but it exposes their weakness. Sawamura decides that he will draw the runner’s attention with the batter corned with 2 strikes. He then goes for the 3rd pitch. He fires thinking that everyone can make errors and mistakes but it is the pitcher’s job to make up for those mistakes. He reveals that it is his ideal for the ace that he wants to be. Since the team was helping him all along, now it is his turn to do the same.

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