Diego Torres in ’13 Reasons Why’s’ Final Season: All updates we have so far

The final season of 13 Reasons Why has arrived on the screens on June 5. Although this is the last season of the show, the makers added new characters to keep the show engaging and compelling for the audience. Diego Torres is an example of that.

Jan Luis Castellanos, who recently got fame from his work as Topher in Marvel’s Runaways, joined the cast of the show as Diego Torres. He is a kid who is trying to get answers to some perplexing questions.

Who is Diego Torres in ’13 Reasons? Why’? 

JanLuis Castellanos plays the role of a newcomer who is struggling in search of some answers in the final season. Although it is the final season of the show, but the makers find it as an exciting way to inculcate suspense within the series.

The actor described Diego as a person who is seeking truth. In the finale, casts are trying to figure out the unresolved mystery of Monty. Meanwhile, Diego spends the season struggling with aggression.

Though the character is new, but it fits pretty much well in the plot of the show, and he seems to be directly involved in it.

Views of Jan Luis Castellanos on Diego Torres:

Jan Luis Castellanos said, “This season is certainly tackling the Monty factor; however, aside from that, it is also tackling another true circumstance that occurs in high school.”

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The actor also described his character as a ‘Loyal Chief.’ Janluis Castellanos mentioned, “A variety of these children at the moment are coping with the ripple impact of what occurred early on in [the series] and transferring ahead, Every character goes to have their very own journey.”

Where can you watch the series??

Fans can watch the series on the online streaming platform, “Netflix.” It has all the seasons available.

Surely, the series is going to end with the unfolding of suspense and thrill.


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