Digimon: A Christmas Album Releasing Soon; Details Inside

We all are well aware that Digimon is no stranger to special events, and it has celebrated holidays with the fans on several occasions. There are plenty of holidays out there, from Valentine’s Day to Halloween that the original DigiDestined gang likes to celebrate.

And that is why the kids are getting together once again this year for a celebration, and they are also ready to spread some Christmas cheer to whosoever will listen. Digimon will be dropping a Christmas album this year, according to a new report by With The Will. 

This is not the very first-holiday album that has been dropped by Digimon, but it is going to be the most robust thanks to its growing list of tracks. It has also been mentioned in the report that this new digital album will be making its debut on November 25.

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Digimon | A Christmas Album Releasing Soon

It will be made available on Amazon Music, iTunes, and a slew of Japanese music services. Also, we would like to tell you that it is expected to cost around $10 USD, and it will contain a total of six tracks.

One of the singles is the latest, so you can check out the full tracklist below.

“Utao Bokura no Merry Christmas” by Wada Kouji

“Tenshi no Inori” by AiM

“Christmas Night” by Wada Kouji

“Believe” by AiM

“Minna no Christmas” by Wada Kouji

“Wrap Your Feelings” by Ayumi Miyazaki

The final song, which is performed by Ayumi Miyazaki, is the new track on this album. The rest of the tracks included were created for previous soundtracks of Digimon. You can check them all out online via YouTube if you are really desperate for some Christmas jingles right now.

However, if you can wait for a few weeks, then this new album will certainly be preparing you for the holiday season.

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Do not hesitate to comment on your thoughts about this announcement in the comments section of this article. Also, make sure to mention you will be leaning on Digimon to ring in the season.

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