Digimon Adventure Promo Out: Scary Battle In Ocean Coming Up!

Digimon Adventure, also known as Digimon: Digital Monsters is a 1999 Japanese anime television series. Toei Animation produced the series along with WiZ, Bandai, and Fuji Television. The series is based on the Digital Monster virtual pet and it is the first anime series of the franchise.

The anime recently launched a new promo of the upcoming episode. The promo showcases a glimpse of a terrifying ocean battle. Fans are very excited about the upcoming episode. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Watch the upcoming episode’s promo below!

Digimon Adventure Promo Out!

In the anime’s previous episode, we saw that the battle with Devimon came to an end. This gave rise to a new and interesting arc! Tai, Matt, and Takeru discover that the Dark Continent they were on was actually a floating island in the sky.

In the anime’s latest episode, we saw that the trio was falling down from the sky towards the ocean. Their immediate thinking and a returning Leomon saved their lives from the huge fall. However, the trouble for the trio has just begun!

All about the Upcoming Episode!

The upcoming Episode 26 is titled “Break Through the Sea Monster Barricade”. In the upcoming episode, we will see Taichi and co. fall from Cloud Continent and arrive in a new region. In the promo, we saw that a wild Seadramon devour a wild Ebidramon.

Digimon Adventure
Source: Fuji Television

It also takes data from the wild Ebidramon and starts evolving. Eventually, it ends up evolving into a MegaSeadramon before their eyes. The trio gets shocked after seeing this cruelty. They saw the strong Digimon prey upon the weak in front of them.

MegaSeadramon does not stop there, it’s on its way to kill Taichi and co. also. On the other hand, Izzy and others are facing ships going out of control in the Real World. Also, they begin a strategy to stop them from going haywire without defeating any of the Zurumon.”

Digimon Adventure
Source: Fuji Television

Additionally, Hikari, Tai’s younger sister appeared when Episode 25 ends. She will play a very important role in the upcoming episodes. Taichi’s younger sister, Hikari, is watching them closely. Also, the fight against Devimon finally bringing T.K. into the fold. This seems that the eighth member of the DigiDestined will be joining the crew soon!

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We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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