DiscoverKiller App: Google Discover Replaced For Best!

In this article, we will talk about the new MOD app- DiscoverKiller. In some mobile phones, Google Assistant pops up when you long-press the home button for a couple of seconds. In contrast, Google Discover popes open when you do the same on other devices. Some devices also offer a shortcut to open Google Discover; like if you swipe right on Realme device, a default Smart Assistant will open. The smart Assistant page offers you news and a couple of other widgets. You cannot change these default settings right away. If you want to change, then you will have to download a launcher and completely change the interface of your device.

So, what is DiscoverKiller?

DiscoverKiller is going to make things easier drastically in this field. DiscoverKiller allows users to adjust the settings as per their needs. It allows users to replace the ‘Discover Page’ with the ‘Assistant Page’. So, long story short, when you use this app, swiping from left to right will bring you the latest news and assistant.


But wait, there’s more! DiscoverKiller not just offers to adjust with Assistant updates, but you can also replace the Discover feed with any third-party app you want. For example, you can replace it with a news app or social media app as per your preference.


Discoverkiller App: How does it work?

Firstly of all, you need to open the app. After that, check the module status in the app. If the module status shows it is enabled, you can now set what you want to replace Discover. Google Assistant is the very first option that you can instantly access after confirming. IF you do not want Google Assistant, then you can choose any other app instead of Discover in the section below (refer image).


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Users should know that this update is not out yet. This is still in progress and we will see the official version soon.

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