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Disney Land Shut Down Again Due To Coronavirus Surge

Disneyland (Hong Kong) is going to be closed again, and it’s not been a month since it reopened after the lockdown. This step has been taken, keeping in mind the resurging coronavirus cases, as the city clamps down. It will be beneficial in breaking the spiral of uncontrollable cases. According to reports, Hong Kong officials have also ordered to shut gyms and bars for a week, and strict limits have been restored to the public gatherings. Also, fines are introduced and will be imposed on those who don’t follow the rules and refuses to wear masks in public transit.

Image Source – CNN

The tougher measures that are taken to be made effective from Wednesday include severe limitations in the number of people gathering in public to four, as announced by Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of the City on Monday. The limit was previously raised to 50 in the mid of June. Also, the eighth death due to coronavirus has been confirmed by the city.

What are the other measures that have been taken to save Disneyland?

Among all the other measures that have been taken as the preventive steps include all the inbound travelers that have to pass a coronavirus test before arriving in the city. All the restaurants will be allowed to offer the only takeout that too from 6:00 PM to 5:00 AM. Also, the number of patrons at a table is limited to four. Gyms, Amusement parks, and the other ten types of venues are ordered to remain shut for a week. Lam also stated that the civil servants would be provided with flexibilities on working hours, and he also urged companies to let the employees work from home.

Image Source – Britannica

Disneyland opened on June 18, and it will again be locked from the coming Wednesday. We hope things get better soon and it opens up again. After all these months of boredom, we do deserve a trip to Disneyland!

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