Disney said it will introduce ad-supported version!

Disney! Evening reading this world we all go back to our childhood days, when it was relaxing and only aim in life was to watch cartoons.

Nevertheless, Disney is everyone’s all-time favorite.

Now Disney has joined hands with many media companies like Paramount Global, WarnerMedia, and AT& T’s WarnerMedia. It is in offering advertisements supported tiers of their streaming services to attract price-sensitive customers.

Disney have something for you!
For the viewers!
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However, Disney has said that it will introduce its ad-supported version of the Disney+ streaming service.

The Co of Walt Disney said they will come up with a chapter version, an ad-supported version of its Disney+ streaming service. Later this year as they are it seeks to reach its goal of profitability by 2024.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ romantically going where Picard hasn’t gone before.

New things up!
Gift from disney! source: republicworld.com

The sci-fi drama series, “Star Trek: Picard”, after the success of season first. Returns to see its titular hero boldly going where he hasn’t gone before- into a relationship. The role is played by British actor Patrick Stewart.

“I really enjoyed the relationship aspects of the show, certainly when they are in a romantic atmosphere. That has been fascinating from the in,” Stewart, 81, told Reuters.

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