Disney’s Hercules Live-Action Casting Ariana Grande, Noah Centineo? What’s True?

Hercules is all set to finally join the Live-Action of Disney, and we all are super thrilled about it, and Disney is finally coming up with all of the quality content that is needed by the fans. If some sources are to be believed then Russo Brothers, Joe and Anthony Russo, are going to produce the show, and we do not need to remind you what a great duo is it. In this article we will be discussing all the details that are available for the Disney’s Hercules Live-Action. Make sure to read the full article as we will be providing you with the information including the release date, cast, and other details of the movie.

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When will the Hercules Live-Action Movie Be Released?

As of now, we do not have any clue about the release date of the movie as no detail has been revealed officially till now. We should also not forget the times we are currently in, as the world is fighting with the coronavirus pandemic, the productions of movies, web series, and television programs is still prohibited in some of the areas.

To know more about the release schedule of the movie, we will have to wait for Disney to reveal any information regarding the movie, officially. However, there are some reports that predict that the fans will have to wait for at least 2022 to hear more about the project. The movie is still in the phase of its pre-production, and the only thing the fans can do right now is to be patient.

Cast for Live-Action Movie

Well if the production details of the project are not known yet, then obviously it will be too early to talk about the possible members of the cast that are going to be involved in the project. However, many of the fans are rooting for Ariana Grande, the singer, for the role of Megara. Also, other names that have popped up for the role include Chris Pratt and Armie Hammer for Hercules, while Jeff Goldblum and Jim Carrey for Hades.

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Earlier, the name of Noah Centineo made rounds on Twitter for the role of  Hercules which caused a huge mess as the fans believed the fake news, but you need not worry, as Disney will announce more details about the movie soon so we would like everybody to be calm and patient until then.

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