Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston To Come Back

Shallow Grave and all of our friends in the North Actor, will be reprising their roles after 15 years of absence that relaunch the series to global success. Christopher Eccleston will be reprising his role as Doctor Who after 15 years. The last role he played was of Time Lord in the latest series of audio adventures. This news has been announced by the BBC Studios itself. The production of the series will be done by Big Finish.

Christopher Eccleston
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Christopher Ecclestone, along with Billie Piper as Rose, his companion, played the lead role under the stewardship of Russel T Davies in 2005. Being candid while talking about the show, Ecclestone told how unhappy he was while he was working on the show. In his acclaimed biography also, he revealed that he was suffering from anorexia when he was in the middle of making the program. He said that people loved the way he looked in the series, but the reality is that he was very ill and was not feeling well even a bit. However, that illness proved to be part of the reward, and the perpetuation lies in there of the whole story.

Christopher Eccleston To Reprise his role.

Eccleston has declined to participate in the spinoff, while the character of the ninth Doctor will be there in the spinoff. Out of all the then serving actors who played the role of Doctor, Ecclestone was the only one who was not a part of the 50th anniversary of the show in 2013. However, he said that he would love to reprise the role after fifteen years.

Christopher Eccleston
Image Source – The Verge

Jason Haigh-Ellery, the chairman of Big Finish, said that when he first talked to Christopher about making a return to the role at a fan convention that took place in February. To this, Ecclestone said that he was enjoying meeting with the fans, and also, he is very much pleased to know that his character as Doctor is still remembered and fondled by the fans.

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